Life in the Country Chose Me.

No, there is no time.

Lemme a sum things up.

Two days of no power.

The well finally turned on last night.

The dishwasher is backing water up and isn’t draining.

The vacuum isn’t sucking correctly, and sounds like a scram jet.

The well is being decommissioned as of tomorrow, and we will be using a tanker truck of water until it is back up. Maybe this weekend. “But we just don’t know.”

Comcast is down, again.

I don’t even know anymore.

Anyone have a water wheel and hydroelectric generator on hand, for those of us who are apparently way more in the sticks than the rest of civilization?

2 thoughts on “Life in the Country Chose Me.

  1. I thought it was just us in darkest Africa that battled through power outages. Every winter there are rolling blackouts as the government owned power utility has got ageing infrastructure and there are shady tender processes for coal which means they end up paying twice more for coal (but some government official’s family member is sitting pretty ;-)), so we decided to become as self-sufficient as we could and bought 2 inverters and deep cycle batteries. Now all we need to do is get solar panels to charge the batteries up during the day and we can pretty much say we don’t need Eskom in winter, given that we use gas for cooking and heating. The only thing we haven’t sorted out yet is the geyser – I love my piping hot water for bathing.


    1. We are on an island, so…there are challenges, despite being pretty near big cities. We have talked about solar, and about burying the wires. I’m not sure how quickly those are going to happen though. Right now the area is rebuilding some very old schools, retrofitting school buildings, taking care of roads. We use propane for cooking, but the heating is on electrical so we are using our fireplace round the clock to keep the chill out during power outs. It’s so funny how different houses in very different areas have the same circumstances 🙂

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