Country Life: Power Outs…the truth will SHOCK YOU!


Well, actually it won’t shock you…

because we have no power. So…no shocky.

I was really looking forward to posting pictures of my edison lightbulb experiment this weekend! It’s difficult to post pictures of my new lightbulb revolution that I am spreading all across my house..when I don’t have power to light the lightbulbs.

So, even though we have no electricity to power our coffee pot, or our community well, or the heater, or the fridge…or anything…we still have hope! Dirty, grimy, powerless, cold hope.

By now, the butter and cheese in our fridge is soft, so most of the perishables will have to be tossed out. Fortunately, we are well stocked in plumbers’ candles and bottled water, so we are prepared for lighting and hydration (**cough coffee cough**). We have one flush left in each toilet, so I have a feeling we are going to spend a wee bit of time after this with some Clorox tablets in a few of those.

I’m a little tired, and trying not to let my frustration get to me. We can survive just fine without power. Last night I cooked up some soup on our propane stove, and we ate bread and soup by candlelight in the dining room. We have a kettle and a pour-over for our coffee, so that is taken care of.

I’m just going to have to catch up on laundry and baths once this is over.

Fortunately, we have local coffeeshops that give us coffee and free wifi so I can send out meeting agendas that I was supposed to send out yesterday afternoon but I really thought we would get power back eventually. So, that didn’t happen. We also didn’t get power back during the night. Or in the morning. And even now, the power lines are all over the place and our neighborhood is “under investigation” by the utility company, and at this rate I’m kinda thinking we aren’t getting power back until Wednesday.

So…that is the story of forest life. A little gravel, a little fire, and we’re good to go.


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