The Night We Finally Got To Watch “Wrinkle in Time,” And I Get To Rest.

It is 5:43pm, and it is Friday.

I am drinking a Blue Moon while the kids are finally watching the movie “Wrinkle in Time.”

And I am pooped.

My goal every morning is to be more productive than the day before.

It isn’t Protestant guilt, it isn’t a feeling of worthlessness…I just take great joy in going to bed at night knowing that I did my best that day, and having pride in what we have accomplished.

I’m also so tired by the end of the day, I sleep pretty well. And that’s nice.

This morning I finished seasoning the little cast iron skillets, after seasoning the larger two the other day. I did 2 loads of dishes, 5 loads of laundry, cleaned the kitchen, did school with the younger kids, and school with the older kids.

We had baths, lunch which was cornbread and hotdogs baked together in the little cast iron pans (this is a fantastic lunch, btw), I put a turkey in the oven this afternoon and I cleaned the kitchen.

I also have been organizing a timeline for 3 projects for a Project Fair next month, printing out sheets, drafting outlines and making sure it is a realistic goal (this is a problem, sometimes).

On top of this, I started creating a new webpage for my homeschool group because the last one is so ugly it offends me (and I made it, which makes it worse). I have a really good start, after a million years of formatting and figuring out pages vs. menus on WordPress. I am also drafting a new project idea for the community…and I really hope they like it, because it is a great idea!

But the best part of today was when the older two kids finished “Wrinkle in Time,” and the last packet of worksheets for the book! W007!

This means we get to watch the movie!!

Well, they get to watch the movie. I am sitting on the couch in the Fire Room, exhausted.

In the end, I am grateful that I have the legs to carry me from room to room, the mind that keeps me busy with good ideas, and a family with whom to accomplish all this.

That’s my Friday night summary.

Cheers 🙂