Attention Apartment 221B: You Are Never Getting This Back.


My friends, the world is awash with golden light and the hopes and dreams of cherubim cascade upon the dewy fields with great delight.

For, verily, my husband has found, and bought, the jacket from Sherlock.

It is crazy how similar this jacket is, because it is the jacket! Did you know the jacket was available anywhere else, besides the sitting room of apartment 221B?? Because I didn’t know this. I was not even aware there was a seamstress out there who found the thick, coarse, dark gray fabric to construct this creation. Nor had it come to my attention that this skilled seamstress would recover the valiant buttons that each weigh 1 oz a piece, or the lapel-aptitude to manufacture lapels with as much character and integrity as to compliment the striking cuffs which adorn my husband’s wrists.

And this wife…the wife of this amazingly gorgeous man…is the luckiest wife on earth.

Because there is Sherlock’s. Jacket.

On my husband.

/brb. swooning.

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