I know adulting is hard, but most of us are able to raise kids AND enjoy life. Crazy. I know.

Stop me if you’ve heard this before.

There was a woman who gave birth to children.

And she raised them, had her own identity and her own life, and lived a very happy life with very happy kids.

Shocking. I know.

Goodness gracious, it’s like that woman never existed according to some of the headlines these days!

             “Something you’ll never need again: nice clothes. 

Because, let’s face it, you will never go out again.

-Some Parenting Blog”


We’re just throwing in the towel once we have kids?


Listen up ladies. I know there are some “Edgy” parenting blogs out there. I know some of them are the support we need when the day becomes 36 hours long and the laundry never ends, and you are out of peanut butter and the only thing your 2 year old will eat is peanut butter…

But these parenting blogs don’t run your life. They don’t define who you are. They aren’t you when you are wearing clothes straight out of the dryer, and they fit like crazy and you look around your clean house, your monthly meal planning calendar, your well educated children and more than satisfied husband and all you can think is,

…Awwww yissssss.

If you still kill it in your 4 inch heels, size 12 (see: size 14) Macy’s dress and you love green eyeshadow as much as I do…

then shag ’em.

Call up Care.com and get a sitter, and paint the town with yo’ man like a mo’fo in your nice clothes.

Because even though most of us are parents…

not all of us are willing to give up on life because of it.

Cheers, dahlins 😉