Tacos Will Only Lead To World Peace.

I believe that posting pictures of amazing things that you are eating, like incredible tacos, onto Instagram, is barbaric.

Screen Shot 2016-01-01 at 10.00.57 AMSince my forest is currently covered in ice, I might also postulate that sending beach pics is equally as barbaric.


Because you will quickly have a taco bonanza across the world.

When everyone on your Instagram feed realizes that tacos are the greatest things in life, everyone will start eating tacos, and then everyone will be happy, and then we will have world peace…

and where is the capitalism in that??

Nevertheless, I fell prey to the “look at these amazing tacos I’m eating” scheme my own sister pulled on the world…and consequently made a boatload of homemade tacos last night.

And I gotta tell ya: it was pretty wonderful.

As I was munching chicken tacos with fresh cilantro, avocado and thinly sliced marinated red onions, I got thinking about world peace, I was considering how nice it might be. Just think about it: no political posts on facebook, no dissenting opinions, blissful equality between all of mankind and harmony as the foundation of our existence.

I wonder what we would do with our time, if this was achieved?

Besides eat tacos.

Here in the forest, we have had a tradition for our dinner table which has lasted for years. It is called “Best Thing, Worst Thing.” It is pretty simple, and we all look forward to sharing together. We start with the oldest kid and ask them what their best thing was today, and go around the table. Then we do a round of what the worst thing was for the day, and we share our experiences.

When we first started this, I don’t think a lot of thought went into the construction of it. However, we have found that this tradition has been a lovely insight into what was important to our kids. For instance, the best thing for our 4 year old is “going to the pool,” even if we haven’t gone to the pool. The worst thing is, naturally, “not going to the pool.” But we have heard things that have made the kids very happy, as well as very sad, and this open conversation has allowed Ben and I to have a deeper understanding of our kids, as well as being able to explain things to them sooner rather than later; and possibly fix some misconceptions before they become too embedded.

Life is a beautiful balance between good times and bad times; between seasons of tacos and lima beans.

I love the opportunity to serve tacos more often than lima beans, and I think maybe we should have more tacos between friends this year 🙂