I’ll Tell You What’s Going On…

I am up to my ears in teaching and making sure the kids are up to speed with standards, which they are. It is helpful that the standards tests are available online and I can print them out for diagnostic checks.

But there is a standards evaluation person in school who wants to have a meeting with me and the principal tomorrow to discuss how my 6 year old is doing, because she wants him to be in an intervention class.

  1. I’m not homeschooling to have meetings with the principal (even though he’s a really nice guy).
  2. My 6 year old is a pretty stellar reader. So I don’t know why he got red-flagged for needing an intervention class.  This is him reading a Common Core, 1st grade level reading lesson.

I am very proud of him, and he is a very cheerful and fluent reader. I am pleased with not only his fluency, but also his ability to break apart big words into phonetics in order to sound it out.

So, I’ll have a meeting tomorrow to just review how great he’s doing, I guess.

Anyway, I actually have a TON of posts that are just WAITING to be posted…a ton. And I miss writing, desperately…

But I need some spare time to do it. And right now, that’s a rare commodity.

School comes first.


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