I Bought Shiny Gold Leggings On Amazon. I’m Not Sure Where I Can Wear Them.

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It has been a long, studious, laborious, devoted week to school over here…

and I am exhausted.

We have doubled up on math, math worksheets, reading, reading worksheets, essay prep, and standardized practice testing, to start with.

It has been a lot of hard work on everyone’s part…

BUT , we have made a lot of progress and I am really happy with where we are at! So, all in all: great week.

Unfortunately, I may have made an impulse buy on Amazon during my stressing out that I am failing my children as a teacher (see: drama queen):

I may have purchased shiny gold leggings to incentivize myself into working out.

Or, I might have just boldly thought I would look amazing in them right now.

Either way,  there are a few problems with this purchase.

  1. I don’t have long, thin athletic legs that can slide into tights. I have Scottish, strong-like-an-ox legs that have trouble fitting into ski boots, skinny jeans (I don’t think you can have size 12 skinny jeans, for the record), and “one size fits all” tights.
  2. They are shiny gold leggings.
  3. I have never worn leggings in my life.
  4. What on earth was I thinking. Where can you wear shiny gold leggings??
  5. What on earth was I thinking…I have never worn leggings in my life!!


Well, the fact is that I bought them. And now I have them. And I can fit in them.

So now what, hot shot?

First, I have to get used to wearing leggings at all. I am easing into this new era.

We’ll see how this goes 😉