So, You Homeschool and You’re Sick. Now What, HotShot.

If you think we’re taking time off just because Mom has a head cold, you don’t know how we work.

I swear, this month has just had me by the tail.

First I had a monster hormonal avalanche.  Thankfully, although that didn’t send me into the river Styx of mood swings (I would like to think I am far too logical for that. No, you cannot ask Ben to verify this.), it did give me a false positive for a pregnancy test. Then after that whole mess, my head and chest bailed on me and invited some nefarious bug to AirBnB for a while. And I am running out of Motrin to take care of the headaches/stuffiness/cough/oh yeah, and I’m not pregnant so I have that going too.

So. NOW I’m moody.

Well, I don’t know about moody, exactly, I’m just physically worn out. The headaches, the coughing, the body aches, etc., etc., etc. Definitely crabby.

And I lost my voice, so I have this little Pomeranian whimper of a sound.

This totally fits my personality. Tired. Sore. No voice. Still busy.

CBnZ1uC.jpg     I’m cheering myself on with the whole stick and carrot.

But we’re homeschooling, and that ship never stops. And I have a newsletter to finish, and my brain dump in my moleskin yesterday yielded 35 items I am mentally juggling, some of which include taking the presidency of our PTO which naturally yielded a whole list of ideas for that…

So now what, hotshot?

I’ll tell you what: we’re doing it anyway!

doitlive                                                  credit

I will say that one of the dumbest things I have ever heard in regards to cold-management is “You don’t call in, you crawl in.

If you are down for the count, and you keep going in to work/school/anywhere…thanks for getting everyone else sick, buddy! We also love to hear you hack up a lung and look like death rolled over. It makes everyone else’s day so much better because you showed up. (Don’t show up)

However, at this point I am at the tail end of all this nonsense and I have just enough energy to be, while not absolutely fabulous, definitely mildly fabulous.

So, that is how I am starting off February.