THIS IS THE FUTURE: Robot Mopping Vacuums!

Meet Rosie.

(Which you can get on Amazon very easily!!!)


Rosie is the maid of the future.

Remember Rosie? Like Rosie from the Jetsons? She took care of everything in the house so Judy could get her nails done and go shopping?

rosie-the-robot-jetsons-vacuum“Dirty floors make me angry, Dave.”

Well, I don’t need that much luxury in my life, but I really would like some help with mopping.

I hate mopping. It takes a long time. It’s wet. It’s messy. I know I use way too much water. And downstairs is big…and it’s all hardwood floors, so I’m mopping the whole thing.

Which simply means that I mop when guests are coming over, or when I just can’t take it anymore. This is not a satisfactory solution for keeping the floors clean, and I actually like clean floors. Especially because I’m barefoot most of the time, so I’m not interested in stepping in or on anything while I’m stumbling to the coffeepot in the morning.

So when I found out robot mops were available, I was on it like the jelly globs on my kitchen floor.

Here is a blow by blow of unpacking Rosie:

IMG_6389Here is the box! It cost me $200 from a third party seller, and it was technically used but no one ever used it. Good enough for me. It came with all the parts and nothing is broken, so I’m happy!

IMG_6390This is just opening the box…


IMG_6397This is what it looks like right out of the box. Very nice design, sleek, classy. Something you would show your friends, for example.

IMG_6413I took a few pictures out of the instruction manual so you could see some of the features. it not only can clean the whole house, but it can also clean small areas, the edges only, or you could put it in the middle of a spill and it will work in circles to clean the spill up. So that’s neat!

IMG_6403These are the front and bottom of the device. Pretty straightforward, nothing complicated.

IMG_6404And this is what it looks like on the bottom.

It vacuums very well, I gotta say. It gets the edges with a broom feature, which is what I was looking for. The edges and corners of my kitchen are always collecting dust, cereal, dog food, pine needles, dirt, etc. And the last thing I want to do at the end of the day is keep cleaning…

(I hate cleaning)

Which is why Rosie is here.

So here is the initial start!

Pretty basic…I liked that it didn’t get stuck on the rugs or under couches.

It has a good bumper in the front, so it’s not just banging into your furniture.

It is a little loud, but not nearly as loud as the kids’ video games. So, comparatively, it’s pleasant.

I found that it will go through a space and then move on, and then go through that space and move on, and so on. So it got most of the downstairs, but not all of it. Which is really good to know for the future. What I need to do is to put it in the room I want to clean, and turn on the small room feature. Or if I just want a general overhaul I can start it on the base and it can get most of downstairs, and I’d be happy with that.

But the point is, there are lots of different cleaning features that I can utilize for different needs, and that’s exactly what I need out of Rosie.

Next to the trashcan is the worst place for rubble to collect. It is right next to the back door, so dirt is always being tracked in. It is in the kitchen, so crumbs and whatnot are always collecting. And it’s next to the trash can, so some things spill over…

And Rosie did a great job tidying up that space!

I was happy to see it did fine on rugs, as well! Which means it can work on carpets just fine! It didn’t get hung up on the edges of the rug, or even on warped parts of the rug. It couldn’t make it over the fold in the middle, but that’s understandable.

I did notice that the motor is pretty hefty, because it did get stuck underneath an ottoman once…and proceeded to push the ottoman across the room until it hit a wall.

Okay, enough vacuuming.

Let’s talk about mopping.

It’s really straightforward:

IMG_6427This is is honestly the mopping part. It is a moist cloth on the underside of Rosie.

And that kind of is all I actually need…

I put the cloth (which comes with Rosie) under a faucet and placed it on the velcro, and that was it!

I sprayed the floor with a bit of lysol, which I do when I mop anyway, and let her go!

I was surprised that the vacuum was still going, but it actually makes sense. So, on the plus side, you are vacuuming and mopping at the same time!

The results turned out really well, and I was very happy with how the kitchen looked when she finished. She got the jelly, the dirt, the edges, the dust and left me a very clean floor in her wake!


I found it took a couple hours to charge (although I also wasn’t paying much attention, but I know it took more than an hour minimum), and it lasts about 40 minutes cleaning. The charging station is very small and I have it behind a chair and out of the way, so you wouldn’t even notice it.

So, there you go!

Robot mops of the future!

I am not getting paid for this article. I have not been contacted by the company. I’m not a shill to the man. I just think people should share information and be cool with each other for life. Savvy? 

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