“Okay, Let’s Do This Again. Again.”


Ahhh, runners. Running places. I’m not a runner. And yet, I am running.

Granted, I am running at the park down the street from me, and it is about 2 miles long, and I showed up to run in one of Ben’s old conference shirts, some old capri yoga pants which are pre-yogapants because I bought them, like, 8 years ago or something and these aren’t sexy or hot  in any way, they’re just gray workout yoga pants but they’re functional and I’m not ready for sexy hot Pinterest yoga pants yet at this point in my life…some good shoes, and a dream.

This is apparently the season of, “Okay Let’s Do This Again. Again.”

I am very back on the exercise bandwagon.

It has been a month of 4 workout sessions a week, which up until yesterday have solely consisted of increasing time and strength on the rowing machine. Although I have made progress, and I already can fit into my jeans a little better, and I am able to workout longer and harder now than I could in the beginning…

I am also sore and tired.

No…let me rephrase that.

I am not entirely a person who can say no to an opportunity (or a challenge) very easily, so when I had the opportunity to go running with someone yesterday, I said, “Sure! I’ve run before in my life! It wasn’t a big deal then, when it was part of my routine! I can easily slip back into the rhythm of running, no problem.”

So, maybe last week when I was only doing the rowing machine I could say that I was “sore” and “tired.”

This morning I am “In Excruciating Pain” and “Not Doing This Again.” Again.

(I’m already doing it again later this week.)


This is kind of why I prefer not to workout. Reading for 10 hours a day has never caused me pain! Sitting outside and enjoying the sounds of nature…again, no pain.

But this?? grumblegrumblegrumbleI’mSureIt’sWorthIt.


Nevertheless, I signed up for a 10k run next month and I have to do to this.


So, that is another “Okay Let’s Do This Again. Again.”

And, I will say…all the work I did on the rowing machine was enormously helpful. It strengthened my core significantly, and the only thing in searing, ridiculous crazy pain are my thighs. So, that’s a good sign! At least!

Exercise is not my strong point. I think I could easily make the argument that it is absolutely my weakest point.


There are delightful cocktail dresses hanging in my closet that are juusssttt a bit too tight around the waist.

Cocktail dresses are my strong point.

So. I will run, and I will beat this and I will fit into those delicious dresses, and I will win.

Because that’s what I do.

I also take Motrin, because my thighs feel like they are trying to mutiny off this crazy ship.