This morning as I was enjoying my lightly hot black coffee and reading news/forums I thoroughly enjoy in the mornings, I saw the question…well, more of a command…to the readers of: “SHOW ME YOUR DESK.”

And it was kinda interesting. Some people had pretty normal Staples’ desks in their office. Some had ridiculously tidy desks with n’er a thing off kilter. But then there were also these crazy organized mahogany desks surrounded by a room full of inset, recently dusted and matching booksshelves, with guitars lined up and professional lighting surrounding the space…

kinda had a little desk-envy with that one.

But others were just a desk in the kitchen, some were a small end table neatly adorned with flowers and straightened post it note pads; although, my favorite was a crazy Pi setup with racks of deconstructed machines connected to sundry monitors and archaic IBM keyboards the size of a Buick.

It was interesting seeing where people work.

So, to break the seal on here..since I am still behind in writing, because that is the nature of being a writer, I swear…I thought I’d show you my desk!

This is my desk. It came with the house, and it has two functional drawers that are stuffed with cords, cables, broken necklaces and dried hydrangeas the kids have brought me…and one large drawer, but the bottom was broken. So, it’s kind of useless.

On top of my desk I carry my inks, my pens, my favorite glitter heels to improve morale, a printer that works 20% of the time, my favorite gold hat, a beach ball, a broken disco ball, a 3 hole punch, piles of paper and notebooks, my purple Onassis sunglasses and my gloves.


However, I am a multi-faceted woman.

One desk cannot contain everything in me.

Therefore, I also do work in the chair on the right…I don’t know why I don’t like the chair on the left, but it feels like I’m sleeping on the wrong side of the bed in that chair.

This spot is perfect for early mornings, or late afternoons. Perfect for reading and plunking on the cello. Still working on that.


Otherwise, I’m doing school with the kids at the dining room table.

Y’know, this tablecloth is hilarious. I bought it on sale at Target for $5 because I needed something to hide the amount of paint and glue I may, or may not, have permanently affixed to our table, before guests arrived for Christmas. But that was like, 7 years ago and this baby is still going strong! You can’t see any  stains on this thing.

Talk about an easy investment.

This is a good spot to work because it isn’t cluttered, and there is a lot of space to think. I can’t imagine being stuck in a small, dark, cluttered and beige space and still be a functional human being. Might as well just give up and never write again with that kind of environment…

I know. Writers are picky about their spaces.

It is also very close to the coffee pot, which is awfully convenient. That is always a good space to be in.