Summer Reading Resources!


Summer is a great time to escape: to the beach, to the mountains, or to the world of a great book. This year, I found myself drawn even more than usual to books that took me outside (and I don’t mean the great outdoors). The books on this year’s summer reading list pushed me out of my own experiences, and I learned some things that shed new light on how our experiences shape us and where humanity might be headed.
-Bill Gates on his 2017 summer reading list


I remember in the 4th grade finding the shelf in the library with the Nancy Drew books. This shelf took up all of my time and a good chunk of my mother’s gas as she drove me back and forth to the library after I’d devoured yet another handful of stories and required more.

That summer was the easiest summer reading list I’ve ever had, because once I was done with that I went on to Trixie Belden…and then on to The Babysitter’s Club…and then Sweet Valley High…and then…
….school started 😦

Coming up with a summer reading list isn’t always this easy, though.

Finding the right books for picky readers might be more difficult.

I’ve made many lists of books I intended to read, but either I couldn’t find them at the library or I couldn’t find them in a bookstore, and I was left with Kindle or Amazon to finish my list…
But I’d kinda rather not have to buy every book. I’m a hardcore library type of gal.

When it comes to finding a good summer reading program, libraries always have a summer reading program for kids, so that is a good place to start.

And there are thousands of free Kindle books available on Amazon, believe it or not.

But where else could you find good summer reading for you and the kids, besides random free kindle books?


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