Inspiring Easter Side Dishes


“All you need is love. But a little chocolate now and then doesn’t hurt.”

Charles M. Schulz


As we finish the season of Lent, the phone numbers of chocolatiers may be on speed dial for some of us.

For our home, we had “40 Days of Health,” where we focused on not only nutrition, but also on our physical health and good food choices. Should we only have toast in the morning, or can we add fruit to our breakfast as well? For lunch, maybe a sandwich is more sustainable than a corn dog? Dinners were seen in a better proportion of meat and vegetables, rather than being carb-heavy for convenience.

Also, believe it or not, we have all been exercising more regularly. Even to the point that we are enjoying it!

These times of discipline teach us many things in life, particularly where we can improve on. It is so easy to get into a slump in our day to day agendas. During times, such as Lent, we can look forward to periods of pruning the lazy, distracted parts of our lives and refocus on being deliberate and enthusiastic about what we are doing!

And it is so nice to feast together at the end of it!!

1) Easter Appetizers

Appetizers are the ice breakers for a meal.  They set the mood for the table, and invite your guests to relax before sitting down. And when it comes to breaking the ice…if you have never served your guests smoked salmon bites with horseradish, then now is your time to shine. I might enjoy the looks on my guests’ faces when they bite into the horseradish…a little too much. But I love, love, when they reach for another!

2) Southern Easter Side Dishes

I don’t mean to be too pedantic about this, but the while the roast is the main character of the meal, the side dishes are definitely the stars that stand out. This year, why not shake things up a little bit and try something from the south? From cheese grits soufflé with mushroom gravy, to hot potato salad…the south will never let you down with down home cooking!

3) Easter Side Dishes To Compliment Lamb

Although ham has become the popular main course for Easter dinner, lamb has been a traditional dish for hundreds of years. However, you can’t just serve side dishes that go with ham, such as baked beans or creamed peas. Try your hand at side dishes that compliment the rich, savory flavors of lamb!

4) Easter Salad Ideas

The problem I have with holiday meals is making things a little too heavy. Sure, au gratin potatoes are fantastic, but a delightful salad on the side will help you from falling asleep after dinner. I have to admit that Martha Stewart kinda knocks it out of the park with these salad ideas. Surprise, surprise.

5) Easter Desserts To Lift The Hearts

Celebrating the end of Lent with desserts?? I don’t mind if I do! Honestly, the speckled malted coconut cake with the same colorings as a robin’s egg sold me immediately. Or the blackberry lime creampuffs, which may tempt me a bit too much. But I concede that the swirled meringues with blueberry sauce must be my favorite. With 75 choices, I am not entirely sure how I am going to pick!

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