So You Want To Get A Bunny This Spring…Here Are 5 Things You Need To Know!

victor-larracuente-109942 (1).jpg

There is little use building a fence around the garden to keep out the rabbits.
-Yugoslavian Proverb


I have avoided getting rabbits as a pet my entire life.

Not because they aren’t the most adorable, fluffy, friendly, cuddly little munchers, but because they’re so much faster than I am…and I am having trouble keeping the deer/squirrels/slugs out of my garden, as it is.

There is something about pet rabbits that speaks to the heart. Something tender and gentle.

I asked my daughter, “Why are rabbits wonderful?” and she replied, “Because they are fluffy, adorable, and you can dress them up as a fancy bunny. I like bunnies a lot.”

And yet, we are still a bunny-less home! Honestly, we just have too many wires around the house, and too many plants in our garden outside, and one bunny could eat them all.

However, we have many friends who love bunnies. Some have outdoor hutches…some have indoor homes…some let them run loose in the backyard and some let them jump throughout the house.

Spring is definitely a season when families start thinking about gardens, growing plants and getting rabbits!

Before you move on to the local pet store or farm this spring, read up on what kind of bunny is best for your home, whether or not they should be an indoor or outdoor bunny, and how to get them to work for your garden!


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