Christmas Cookies

Jelly Cookies

Empty?! You took all the cookies!”
“They were crying to get out of the jar… Cookies get claustrophobia too, you know!
― Charles M. Schulz

There aren’t many things that make my heart sing more than creating.

But Christmas cookies might be up there.

There is something delightfully innocent and wonderful about Christmas cookies. Something that harkens back to a time in childhood when you made cookies with your Aunt before bedtime, or opened a fresh box of lightly dusted jelly cookies your neighbor would bring every year.

Cookies are definitely the food without borders, and every country has its own word for “cookie.” Instead of cookies, they are called biscuits in England and Australia. Spain calls their cookies galletas, and Germans named their daily cookies “keks” and “Plzchen” are their Christmas cookies. Italy has a few variations, such as amaretti or biscotti.

However, the American name cookie is from the Dutch word “koekje”, which actually means “little cake.” This is because bakers used to take a little bit of cake batter and test the temperature of their ovens, thus creating little cakes, or cookies!

But of all the cookies during this season, Thumbprint Jelly Cookies are absolutely my favorite.

Creation of the thumbprint cookie is around 19th century. […] It is [variously] credited to either the people of Poland, Sweden or the Jewish people of Eastern Europe.
SweetTooth Design Company

During the long, dark hours of winter we need bright colors to cheer us up.

Whether these colors come from stringed lights, or evergreen trees, or ornaments or a plate of arrayed jellied cookies…


Christmas Cookies are definitely part of the season!

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