Washington D.C. – Are You Ready For Some Smithsonian?


There was so much stuff to see in the Smithsonian museums, I don’t even know where to begin.

I’ll begin with Miss Piggy:“You have to be going to a pretty awful place if getting there is half the fun.”

I really couldn’t put it better. Because we arrived at a billion fun places.

Like Smithsonian American History Museum!

Okay, in all this jumble of pictures we have:

A statue of Washington that was commissioned in the 1800s, but once it was unveiled people were so offended that he didn’t have a shirt on that they refused to display it one second longer.

Statue of Columbia, who used to symbolize America until the Statue of Liberty took over.

Lots of 1st Ladies’ Dresses.

Abraham Lincoln’s top hat he wore when he was assasinated.

Tons of original lightbulbs, transformers, generators, engines and other stuff that Ben absolutely lost his mind over, and I got to hear the history of electricity and electrical endeavors until he was done.

The floor…apparently. Didn’t delete that one, and now it’s already in there.

The file cabinet from Watergate.

John Quincy Adam’s chess set.

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