My First Typhoon Gave Me The Seattle Freeze And Didn’t Even Show Up.


Last year, after we first arrived in the PNW, we thought we knew how to prepare for storms.

You know, make sure the dog is inside, close the windows, get the shoes and jackets out of the yard, make sure the car windows are shut all the way. The basics, but mostly for outside the house.

However, a year of losing power to the house, along with losing power to our well, changed how we viewed the inside of our home.

Like, the IKEA tea candles we’ve been using for the past 20 years to get by when it’s dark?


Yeah. Those can’t illuminate through the black of night out here.

They also don’t last very long, so we upgraded to plumbers candles.


These babies will last for hours and hours, and fit very nicely in mason jars.

Water? Yeah, since the well is electrically pumped, that means if the power goes out the water goes out. That impacts making coffee, doing laundry, doing dishes…and flushing toilets. So gallons and gallons of water are now stored in our garage. The recommended “72 hours of emergency water” is covered, probably threefold at this point.

Fortunately, our stove is propane so we can still cook, which is helpful.

But with 5 kids and no Wii or computers for days at a time, you need to be prepared for boredom…no, you need to be prepared for boredom. Because once that sets in, everyone is miserable.

So I filled a red chest I found at a garage sale with board games, cards, drawing supplies, toy dinosaurs, and whatever else I’ve found here and there. The nice thing about the chest is that it isn’t the kids’ normal toys: these only come out during Shabbat or power outages, so they aren’t overused and the kids still want to play with them.

Plus, since it gets so dark out here there is also flashlight hide and go seek, which is always a winner.

ANYWAY, we have been totally prepared for this #Stormpocalypse typhoon that was supposed to start hitting us last night. We cleaned the house so we wouldn’t trip over anything in the dark, we got our flashlights out, I put a flashlight in my bathrobe pocket just to be super ready. I made sure my phone and laptop were totally charged, and we ground all our coffee beans so we wouldn’t have to find the one cafe on the island that actually had a generator running, we made a grocery run the night before…and we were ready!!


Dude, that is the Seattle Freeze if I ever saw it. I waited all night with baited breath waiting for the first jet stream of winds to come tearing down into my forest, throwing branches onto our roof, scaring the daylights out of the cat…

And it just never happened!! We had a rainy night, but that was about it. Even now, the windstorm is supposed to be upon us like white on rice…and it’s just kinda breezy and overcast.

What the heck.

And the #Stormpocalypse that was supposed to land on us this weekend? The “storm that you tell your grandkids about”?

“Saturday will start calm with increasing rain and wind for the afternoon but especially for the evening. Right now computer models are coming more into agreement that this storm, although weakening, will take the path of a “classic” western Washington wind storm.”news link


Not even A LITTLE?!!

No plumbers candles?? No power outages?? No fetching water out of the garage to make pour-over coffees?? No getting board games out of the red chest, because the kids are happily plugging away at their work on the computers??

Well. I guess we’ll survive.


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