Conversations I Have Before Mother’s Day

Me: “So, what do you want for dinner tomorrow?”

Ben: “…what.”

Me: “I need to defrost something tonight for tomorrow. What do you think about a turkey? Do you want a turkey dinner tomorrow night?”

Ben: “WHAT ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT? It’s Mother’s Day!! You can’t cook on Mother’s Day!

Me: “I know it’s Mother’s Day. That doesn’t mean I can’t cook. So, can you get a turkey out of the deep chest for me?”


Anyway. I might have thought it was a good idea, but Ben wasn’t having any of that…

so he and the kids took me out to a delightful lunch instead!

And an owl was sleeping right over our car when we got home, which inspired us to collapse in bed, as well.

A good family, good lunch, Sunday afternoon movie?

What else do you need?