“…But if you finish them by dusk on Friday, much needed rest will the weekend repay.”

photo-1453227588063-bb302b62f50b.jpgthis pug knows what’s goin’ on.

As I have always said:

“Bathrooms, floors, dirty laundry,

can put yourself in quite a quandary.

But if you finish them by dusk on Friday,

much needed rest will the weekend repay.”


Okay. I just made that up.

But the sentiment remains the same.

Saturdays are darn near sacred to my week.

Weekdays are filled, to the brim until it overfloweth, with school, meetings, choir, more school, eating, baths, playtime, more school and sleep. There isn’t rest until after 10pm when I fall asleep while we are (re)watching episodes of Agents of Shield.

Sundays may be the Christian sabbath… but it isn’t restful until after we have dressed everyone, found their shoes, gone to church, taught Sunday school, come home and had lunch. So…it’s kinda a half day of rest.

But Saturdays??

I ain’t got nuthin goin on.

I am sleeping in (until 8). I am taking walks outside. I am reading in my favorite reading chair. The kids are riding bikes outside. We have bbqs next to our firepit. We might even go on a day adventure, if we feel so inclined.

Saturdays are the bomb.

Because I get all my cleaning done on Friday 😀

You gotta plan rest, or you’ll never find rest. And rest is one of the commandments of God…it’s kinda serious!

I am seasoning my pans as I type, I’m finishing up the laundry, and the kids have taken care of their rooms, the bathrooms and they are finishing school.

Ess good.

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