I May Not Be Writing Much, But I’m Totally Winning At Life Right Now

Recently, I told some good friends of mine that I was up to my ears in stuff…good stuff, and stuff I love, but so much stuff that it wasn’t even feasible to explain. Where do I even start.

I had to rely on some good philosophy to combat the problem:



We have been up to our ears in trifold projects, hiking, wiring lamps, organizing egg drops at school, drawing projects, school, PTO meetings, school board meetings, homeschool, school testing is starting about now…and lots and lots of other stuff!

Even though we have been very (very) busy lately, we have worked together to learn and create totally incredible stuff, and not only are the kids rightly proud of their successes, I am incredibly proud of what they have accomplished!

We are totally winning at life together. It is awesome.

Things are finally starting to slow down, and I am starting to get my fingers warmed up to get to writing again.

In the meantime, here are some things we’ve been working on 🙂



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