Homeschool Adventures: Seattle Day Trip

We don’t live in Seattle, but we do live close enough to do day trips in the city!

This is what I envisioned for me and the kids to do once in a while: explore the museums, and gallivant in the city. Explore a little food, a little culture and enjoy ourselves silly.

So, that’s what we did!


For lunch, I let the kids pick out a bunch of fruit at Pike’s Market, and then we hit a local bakery and got a baguette to break up for the kids.



There is a lovely park on the water where we had our picnic of Washington strawberries, blood oranges, pears, ginormous grapes and it looked like some darn good bread. Glenn was loving the jazz that a guy was playing on a saxophone nearby, and I was just enjoying being in the sun!






Then we did a little walking around the alleyways, which I love so much. We ran into a guy with a grey African parrot that barked for us at one point, which was a highlight of the day for the kids.



But our ultimate destination for this trip was the Seattle Art Museum. Nova insisted we go to the coat check…because that’s super classy and awesome. And I don’t blame her one bit. I got to check my rather heavy backpack, and that was nice.


We did a lot of art analysis, and the kids did great! We looked at different styles between years and genres, different colors between countries, imagery and symbology. They all found their favorites, although Nova said “everything.” Also, can’t blame her with that one.


Nova was reading the descriptions of the art pieces to everyone, and some attendees got very comfortable.


Glenn’s favorite was a bronze turtle sculpture.


We spent a little time exploring Pop Art, and I was very impressed with how well the kids understood what was going on with the pieces.


17th century French art.  Kind of my favorite wing.


I was pointing out here that it was interesting that these paintings, which were painted 200 years ago, had the same things in them that we see today. The kitchen table has a bowl of apples and a wine bottle that easily looks like our kitchen table at home. The coats have the same shape lapels that we see today. The children in the pastoral pictures are walking along river banks and poking fish. The ladies are sitting on couches. Time may have moved on, but people haven’t changed much.


We stayed in SAM for almost 2 hours, which was long enough for the crew (I could stay for years), so I wanted to give them a pick-me-up. The best place to go is to a Starbucks on the 40th floor of the Columbia Tower 🙂


Conrad brought an emergency pack of Legos, for this very occasion.


We all thoroughly enjoyed…sitting. It has been a lot of walking.


Fortunately, we were a couple blocks away from Ben’s office! So we just crashed the pad, and Glenn played around with the lock picking kit. Why, yes, they do have a lock picking kit at work. Don’t you?


Ben took us out to dinner….but first…he swung me by the infamous tree in Seattle! So, there ya go. This is the tree from the Man in the Tree episode. It looks fine, although a little bare at the top. It does look like the perfect climbing tree, though.


We finally made it to dinner. Sushi boats 😀



You would think that we would be done by this point…but I just wanted to hit one more thing before we called it a day. And, for the record, at this point my legs had had more than enough hiking up and down Seattle hills. But I wanted to see the Olympic Sculpture Park before I forgot.


My favorite quote from Nova today: “OH NO, another naked guy??

You know you’ve spent the day in an art museum when…


So, how much walking did we do?

This much.


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