Snapshot of Myself

Sometimes, you can lose sight of yourself in the hustle of life.

uploads_dc5a17f1-6e85-4662-b8f8-bb58653a7014-AmericanHustleBannerNo, not that kind of hustle.

Facebook has been the most interesting social experiment. Phrases such as “Facebook official” are now a thing. For example, “Kate and Dylan are engaged, and today Kate made it Facebook-official.” I was also listening to someone just yesterday tell a group of people how she is “never on Facebook; who has the time?? I just post pictures for family.”

…I am on Facebook, all the time. I honestly love it, because it is a safe forum where people can share kids’ pictures, life events, personal accomplishments, rants or articles/events that interested them.  I love that! I love the freedom that people have of sharing a music video that touched them, or an essay about something that spoke to their heart, or a Bible verse that is helping someone through a tough time.  I love the forum that we have created together.

What has been interesting to me has been to watch how different people interact with it.  I actually avoided it for many years, until we moved away from some friends, and a very good friend who I trust sent me a Facebook friend invite. I said…oh, all right. Just for her, because she is sweet and I like her.

So then I had one friend.

Now, I have about 150 friends. Which is a big number! I didn’t have 150 people at my wedding…far, far less than that actually.  But these days, numbers mean something different.  150 now means that I am very selective with whom I share my kids’ pictures and my life’s events.  Other people I know have 700-1,000 friends. Which, on one hand, boggles my mind. That feels like an audience, not a group of friends. But on the other hand, it means those people are much more open to share their lives with people, and that is an admirable quality that…I just can’t do.

I say as I post my life on a blog.


There was a Facebook analysis quiz from Cambridge that will “tell you who you are by what you like on Facebook.”

And I thought, hmmmmm…..

That is very interesting. Because even the word “Like” means something different now. I “Like” things because I want to be supportive of people I know; it does not reflect so much on my own personal “Likes” and interests.

So, I took the test, and it was pretty interesting!  Apparently I am more Catholic than Lutheran. I am a little, tiny bit Jewish, a big hunk of Christian and not at all atheist.

My political views are almost even across the board, which was very interesting…since I am so extremely opinionated and very deliberately lean one way with my own personal values.  But apparently, I am accepting of other people’s viewpoints for the purpose of working together to make the world a more loving place. (until we get in the voting booth, and then y’all are goin’ down)

So, here we go: A Facebook Snapshot of Myself.

This is a prediction of your psycho-demographic profile based on your Facebook Likes. It uses a snapshot of your digital footprint to visualise how others perceive you online and therefore may not be an entirely accurate picture of who you really are. You could take more psychometric tests as well and compare the results!

Screenshot 2015-09-11 07.42.27
If you want to try this out, then click here!
(and if you read my blog, I’m sure you know that I don’t do affiliated links. So Cambridge is not rewarding me for posting any of this. They don’t even know I exist.)
Okay, so who am I, according to my Likes on Facebook:
I am a woman…which is a good start, and I am in my 30s.
Screenshot 2015-09-11 07.21.43
I have a ton of Liberal and Artistic friends, since apparently I am Liking all their stuff.
I am more spontaneous a person than a strictly routine person (which is great).
I do not engage much with the outside world, which means I’m a contemplative introvert. I’m glad that came through loud and clear.
I am also not easily riled up.  Because if you piss me off enough, I’m just going to unfriend you and ban you.  Done and done… and moving on with life.
Screenshot 2015-09-11 07.22.14
Apparently I am intelligent, but not too intelligent. Which is a good balance. There are some people who are too smart for their own good, and can’t see the humor in life. Those people need a farting machine for Christmas.
I am also pretty satisfied with life.
But, I also live in a forest. On an island.
My “satisfaction with life” may have just jumped 5million points.
Screenshot 2015-09-11 07.22.21
I don’t think I have lesbian tendencies, according to this. 3% lesbian is pretty low. I don’t think that even counts on the gaydar.
Screenshot 2015-09-11 07.22.41
This was the most interesting, just because of how many wildly different churches we have been to in the past few years.
According to Facebook, I am Christian. I am not really Lutheran, but I like the Pope, and I am only slightly Jewish. The rest of the time, I keep my relationship with God to myself. Because we’re tight, and I like Him.
Politics: who knows.
Screenshot 2015-09-11 07.22.46
Finally, my relationship status.
This one was the most interesting to me, because I like to think that I keep my marriage off Facebook…but sometimes, you never know. My relationship with Ben is actually very private. I don’t tell people about little things we talk about, or arguments we may or may not have, and I don’t rant about anything online just as I don’t brag about anything, either.  And, according to this…that is pretty much what I’ve done. According to Facebook analytics, I might be married. I might be in a relationship…but I’m probably single. Since I don’t talk about my relationship all the time/at all.
Some things are very personal to me, and I keep those things off the internet.
I hate to say it, but there really is a time and a place for things.
My marriage is not internet fodder, and no one else is invited to vote on my relationship with Ben.
Same with the kids.
Boundaries, people. Healthy boundaries.
Screenshot 2015-09-11 07.23.06
So, there you have it! I’m a history-buff who is not a lesbian, or a Lutheran, and likes the Arts and I’m in my 30s.
According to Facebook.

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