Pistachio Salad: The Salad of Champions

I’m going to make this quick and easy for you:

Jello, Cool Whip and Pineapples.

I grew up with Pistachio Salad as a staple in my life, and it didn’t occur to me until the other day that I have actually never made this for my family.  Maybe it is a little too 1950s, maybe it’s that it’s green…who knows.  One way or other, this never made it to my kitchen.


I wish I could make this sound like a really impressive and complicated recipe to woo you into thinking I am some Jello mastermind, able to turn weird Jello flavors into ravishing desserts that Wolfgang Puck will pay good money to discover…but it’s just not going to happen with this one.

Three ingredients. Throw them into a bowl. Enjoy thoroughly.

The only thing I can think to make this more interesting is trying to figure out which cocktail goes with it best.  Probably an Appletini, or maybe chilled Reisling wine. Oooo, or a champagne cocktail….

Here’s what you need:

1) Pistachio Jello, a container of Cool Whip and a large can of undrained crushed pineapple.

You can also add walnuts…I guess.  If you need walnuts in your life.

2) Throw Everything Into A Bowl and Stir

Gently, though.  Let’s not be barbarians about this.


3) Chill for an hour…

and enjoy!  It was really good, and just what I remember.  Pistachio salad is a very unique flavor, but it’s nice.

You’ll like it 🙂


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