I Am A Total Dork With My Pens…But Hear Me Out.

recite-1g7csbpYeah. That would be something Paul Simon would say.


I am not Paul Simon. And I believe my pens are rock stars.

I am a total dork.

But hear me out.

It all started with a dipping pen Ben bought me many, many years ago. It is unparalleled in beauty, and its elegance is only equal to mythical creatures.

Then he bought me two fountain pens which I have had the luxury of using for grocery lists, poetry, script writing, notes, ideas and simply gazing upon.

At this point in my life, I have accumulated quite a few pens…I didn’t realize how many until the thought crossed my mind that I need an organizer to safely store my pens and inks.

The day I realized I had moved beyond “a few pens to write with” to “I have a collection of pens” was a blue ribbon day.  I was so excited! I was a collector!  I don’t think I have ever been a collector of anything! That takes so much time, and effort, and you have to keep track of stuff…and that’s work, man.

Ben corrected me and said I “was not a collector.”

Naturally, I responded that I  “was too.”

He said, “No. You are not a collector.  A collector does not use her collection. She sets them on a display and looks at them. You are not collecting pens, you have acquired many pens, and you appreciate pens. But you are using them all. You are not collecting them.”

To which…I conceded. For, verily, I love using my pens. They are so much fun.

And just to make this terribly nerdy, I brought my pens with me to our beach day just so I could take a picture of them on driftwood.

It is so geeky, I am almost embarrassed…

But not enough to not go through with it!

Behold! My pens!

This is the whole collection, in ranking order.11143563_10207175976819806_6989348215641426995_o

Oh, and this is me laying on the beach. 11226209_10207175978059837_9184215437345588106_o

Glamour shot.

This is my super elite dipping pen, of which an equal cannot be found.11823111_10207176673597225_3445440907188340821_o

These are my lovely twin glass dipping pens. They are a little tricky to use, because the ink sticks to the outside of the grooves on the glass nib, and you have to find the edge…and so far I keep finding ways to put ink splotches on paper. But I love them so.11754769_10207176673557224_1894845566868645279_o

These are my 3  Waterman fountain pens, which get used the most frequently.11807706_10207175976499798_8248817004421825514_o

This is my Pilot Prera Demonstrator Fountain Pen, name engraved.

Because, it is BOSS. 


These are my lower quality pens. One is a Conklin Glider, and the other is a Bic.  Obviously the Bic is not a fountain pen, but I am going to use it to show you sticky ink, vs. quality ink.11717588_10207175976619801_790544593540687777_o-1

These are all of the pens and the names of the nibs/pens.

The fountain pens are easily the best to use on day to day basis’.  They are uncomplicated to use, and they don’t leak.

The dipping pen is the most fun to use when writing poetry, but I generally stick to the C-4, or maybe the C-3 nib, because it is a reasonable size for writing.

The glass pens I am still working on. Clearly.

And I let the kids use the Bic pen.11731866_10207176652636701_2555801396633246221_oThose are my pens, so far!

After I was done being nerdy, we had lunch. W00t!11802671_10207175976699803_7172322203591821125_o-111794403_10207175978219841_6174623059467895470_o


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