Elsa’s Got Nothin’ on My Kids’ Ice Skating Skillz

One of the littlest girls had a weird dream last night, and maneuvered herself under her bed in her sleep…resulting in waking up under her bed at 4am, and completely freaking out. Which, I believe, is the correct response to waking up at 4am under your bed, when you are 3 years old.

So, Nova and I helped her into her bed and they both fell back to sleep.

I have never had that superpower, so I’ve made coffee, done a load of dishes, did some reading…and uploaded some pictures!

So, before I show you these pictures, I just want to make something clear: we don’t really ice skate that often. We definitely skate a couple times a year, and we all love ice skating (well, most of us do). But when it comes down to choosing between going to the beach, or tromping around in the woods, or going exploring…and ice skating; unfortunately, even though we all love it (well, most of us), we will choose something else to do.

This all being said: we had a lovely time at our very good friend’s birthday party this weekend, and they had the brilliant idea of having it at an ice skating rink! Win-win for everyone (well, almost everyone).


My lovely girl.


This was the 3rd time of taking the picture, but everyone was looking at me and they all smiled at the same time right after I pressed the button…I have a few other pictures of the kids standing here, and they all took turns smiling in each picture. I figured I’d have to just pick one out of the bunch 🙂

IMG_6022So, the thing with the girls and skating is that…we just don’t tell them they don’t know how to ice skate.

This is Eve’s first time on the ice without us, and she was doing twirls and turns and hanging out with her buddies. Like we do this all the time.

IMG_6024Just chillin’ on the ice. Hangin’ with her peeps.


Nova is honestly very adept on the ice, and we should put her in lessons.


The boys?  Enjoy the ice, but they skate like they are wearing evening slippers. Lots of shuffling.


Dad, naturally, took the initiative to do some footwork lessons with them.


Now, when I said not everyone enjoyed the ice…I was talking about Alice.

She was pretty certain she was going to die, and made sure everyone in the ice rink heard her over the music playing that she was “GOING TO DIE” because the ice was too slippery.

We got her out on the ice for a little while, but only if Dad was holding her.



And then we had a wonderful birthday party with our good friends, and we got to meet all of their lovely friends and family as well 🙂


After that, we got some black coffee and water (because someone wasn’t being as responsible as she should have and went and gave herself a mild gluten reaction…WTG, me), and we went driving for a little bit through Union Lake area.

Did you know the Sleepless in Seattle houseboat is over here, and I had a great excuse to take a picture of it because there was a gigantic rainbow behind?

So, if you’re wondering, it is here. And there are signs very clearly stating that this is a neighborhood and not a motion picture lot…so, shoo.  But I just needed to see it because I love that movie, and I have watched it an embarrassing number of times, and I just had to find the house to see that it was real. It is a lot smaller than I expected, but it’s there!

It is a very cute neighborhood though. The houseboats are the cutest little floating houses, and they are all laid out like they are in a suburb, and they have little floating planter boxes full of little flowers, and there are some “front yards” that have fountains running all along the house, and then the water just runs right into the water they are floating on.

I could never live on a house boat because I would have nightmares of the house sinking every single night.  But that is just my neurosis…these were seriously cute houses.

IMG_6040It is the house on the very end, behind all the masts.

And then the rainbow just got brighter 🙂

There are a lot more rainbows up here than I ever saw in California! Never really thought of that before!


And that was our very lovely Sunday!


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